Gender, Sexuality, Race, Class, and Religion in Political Transitions in Europe and the USA

The project proposes a conference, a workshop, and additional exchange opportunities that would bring together scholars in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University and at Humboldt-Universität to discuss current issues confronting the positioning and development of gender and sexuality studies in the academy, including interdisciplinary teaching and research, while envisioning an extension of international collaboration. Furthermore, international junior and senior researchers, graduate and undergraduate students will be researching issues of common interest and concern, namely the intersection of gender, race, sexuality, and nationalism. Central to their work is the potential for conflict surrounding issues of gender and sexuality. This applies also in a very pointed manner to Germany, Europe, and the USA in the 21st century. Therefore, the category ‘gender’ will be investigated by the strategic partners in its complex interplay with other categories such as sexuality, race, ethnicity, nation, class, and religion, thus continually opening up further perspectives, questions, and fields of knowledge. The cooperation will benefit greatly from the differing structures and research fields of the two universities.


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Dr. Regina Kunzel (Princeton University)

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2016 – 2017

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Preis des Humboldt-Princeton Strategic Partnership Program


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Dr. Regina Kunzel (Princeton University)

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