10th European Feminist Research Conference
Atgender (The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation) and the German Gender Studies Association (FG Gender)
12-15 September 2018 in Göttingen (Germany)

Opening Speech (PDF), Sabine Grenz, Chair of the German Gender Studies Association (Wednesday, September 12)

Black feminist thoughts: from intersectionality to the engendering of racial capital (PDF), Noémi Michel, Keynote Address (Thursday, September 13)

Liveability as a Decolonial Option through Collaborative Research and Activisms (PDF), Niharika Banerjea, Keynote Address (Friday, September 14)

“Ebola from Brussels”: anti-genderism, right-wing populism and the future of transnational feminism (PDF), Agnieszka Graff & Elżbieta Korolczuk, Keynote Address (Saturday, September 15)