We are very excited to announce the publication of our newest issue, starting with an _Essay by Danijela Majstorović on „Love as Practice of Solidarity“ and her own experiences as scholar, activist, and migrant during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany. Another _Essay by Anne-Marie D’Aoust about the intersection of care work, processes of de-politicization, and immigration policies during the pandemic will be published in October.

The topics of the _Articles range from ecosexuality, AI love, or the role of intimacy in migration up to the politics of love in Turkish psychoanalytic discourse. Three _Perspectives complete the issue, featuring an interview with Giessen-based GP Kristina Hänel as well as reflections on queer African collaboration and animal love/abuse in Tiger King.

Read the entire issue here: https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-9/