Between narratives of ‚crisis as change‘ and scenarios of collapse – the
possible transformative dynamics of the corona crisis and their gendered
dimensions are often described in opposing poles such as pure positive or
pure negative consequences. Instead, the international conference Covid,
Crisis, Care and Change? aims at raising open questions enabling analysis of
empirical reality that avoids reductions in extremes but focuses on
paradoxical, conflicting, contradictory and still simultaneous developments
and social changes in the social areas of labour, care work and state
regulation in their gender dimensions.

The magnitude of the current pandemic for our societies calls for a
long-range sociological analysis. On the 18th and 19th March 2021
international scholars from seven countries, including India, Israel,
Albania will focus on the interrelation of key social areas such as labour,
care and state regulation out of a gender perspective to access this complex
empirical phenomenon. For more information about the conference and the
schedule, please visit the
website and see the attached flyer. Programme Conference Covid Crisis Care and Change

The event is free of charge and open to the public, with advance
registration for the digital event requested. If you would like to
participate, please register until March 17th 2021 here:
Registration Conference Covid, Crisis, Care and Change?