Workshops „Transnational Queer Intersections: Rights, Politics and Pop Cultures“ mit der Bitte um Bekanntmachung über Ihren Verteiler.

Der Workshop findet am 25. Januar 2020 im Haus der Universität (Schadowplatz 14, 40212) in Düsseldorf statt.



14:30 Andrea GERMER Greetings and Introduction

14:40 Vera MACKIE (Wollongong) „Sexual Citizenship and Popular Culture in Japan“

15:20 Ilse LENZ (Bochum) „Changing Sexual Citizenship and the Flexibilization of the Gender Order“

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Hiroyuki TANIGUCHI (Kanazawa) „Transgender Laws in Japan in a Transnational Framework“

17:10 Mark PENDLETON (Sheffield) „Transnational Connections, Transcultural Solidarities: Queer Memories of 1990s Japan“

17:50 Coffee break

18:00 Andrea GERMER (Düsseldorf) „Queer East Asia – Decolonizing Discourse – Redrawing Boundaries“


This workshop brings together scholars whose interests intersect at the nodes of queer lives, queer politics and queer cultures.

We look into (pop) cultural productions as well as legal and political conditions and ramifications of non-normative genders and sexualities, hoping to engage in a dialogue about queer cultures, initiatives and rights in Japan and Germany. We do this with a particular emphasis on the always already ‚glocal‘ condition and discussion within the Asia-Pacific, European and global contexts. How can different cultural, social and political expressions and discourses help us situate and better understand the various contested meanings of „queer“ in the transnational present?

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Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Caroline Ruhl